Natty dreadz experience

Natty Dreadz Experience

A Day in the Life of a Natty Dreadz Client

When you first step in the door, we make you feel right at home. During your initial visit, we'll discuss your overall hair care objectives, hair care past and what's the best plan for your hair care future.

We strive to optimize your hair's condition and health. We begin by examining your hair and scalp to determine if there is any damage or special needs.  We will discuss with you any treatments we think may benefit your hair.

Our next step is Shampooing and Conditioning, and Treatments, if necessary. Special care is taken to insure that your hair is both hygienically clean and properly prepared for dreadlocs formation.

Now here comes the best part...starting your dreadlocs/locs! We begin forming your locs based upon the agreed method and size. For start-up locks, we would either two-strand twist, back-comb, comb-coil or interlock depending on length, thickness and texture of your hair.

As your locs take shape, together we discuss in-between maintenance concerns and any additional questions you may have regarding the process. We want you to leave knowing you've received the best service possible. And we'll arm you with the know-how to keep your locs happy in between visits.